Tencent Cloud Advantages

Tencent Cloud International is specifically designed to address challenges faced by enterprises as they expand their reach into China:
Team Guidance
Today’s cloud deployments could be as simple as signing up for a cloud account and spinning up servers immediately. Unfortunately, China cloud deployment is not that simple. Our team of subject matter experts help provide guidance on unique technology requirements, stringent regulations, and best practices for deploying a native cloud solution in China. Our enterprise engagement team explores, creates proof of concepts, and customizes solutions so you can go to market in China quicker and with more certainty.
Customized Solution
We understand that out-of-the-box solutions usually do not work for enterprises in the case of China cloud deployment. Our team works with you to develop the features and capabilities needed to differentiate your products and services.
Global Consistency
Tencent Cloud International works with you to reduce the complexity of deploying cloud in China with payment in your local currency, entering contracts outside of China, and customized business terms to match your requirements.
Centralized Control
Instead of creating “China only” architecture or building a China team to leverage native China solutions, Tencent Cloud International allows your team to maintain control while accessing the massive coverage and deployment of our China cloud.
Cloud with the best
user experience in China
Tencent Cloud is the leader in user experience as defined by stability and bandwidth among all cloud providers in China. We are also the fastest growing cloud by market shares in China. Tencent’s organic demand creates an inherent advantage that has expanded its data center capacity throughout China. As a result, Tencent Cloud has hyperscale infrastructure with over 20+ regions, 30+ availability zones, 800+ CDN nodes, and 70+ Tbps of egress capacity.
Open source and cloud native
As a leading contributor to many open source community projects, Tencent Cloud is the first major China cloud provider to be a member of CNCF. Leverage the flexibility and agility that comes with open source technology on Tencent Cloud.
Go beyond infrastructure with leading intelligent and innovative solutions
Gain a competitive advantage with smart solutions at scale with machine learning, blockchain as-a-service, IoT, natural language processing, facial recognition, and location-based services. Localize your service offerings with intelligent solutions like customer service bots, objectionable content detection, and bot detection.
Leverage Tencent’s unrivaled
China digital ecosystem
Working with Tencent Cloud means access to the rich ecosystem that 98% of China’s online users rely on daily. Tencent’s portfolio of companies include the industry leaders in music streaming, mobile messaging, mobile payment, media portal, and online library platforms in China.

Tencent Cloud Compliance Credentials

With over 20 special certifications, Tencent Cloud is a cloud platform with the most complete set of certifications within China.