Our Advantages

Flexible deployment

Users can customize network classification and freely deploy routing policies.

Access control

Port-level access control is provided and the deployment change takes effect immediately.

Security isolation

Networks are logically isolated completely, meeting security isolation requirements of financial institutions, governments, and enterprises.

A variety of access modes

A stable and reliable VPN interconnection is available and a direct connection ensures fast response times.


Function Description

Network segment customization

The VPC allows you to customize classification of independent network blocks, which are logically isolated. You can further classify a network block into multiple subnets and deploy applications and services inside subnets.

Routing policy customization

The VPC allows users to customize routing control policies. By properly setting routing policies, you can flexibly manage forwarded network traffic of resources such as VPC private networks, public networks and hybrid clouds.

Security firewall

The VPC provides IP- and port-based access control rules. Proper configuration of firewall policies help you to improve CVM security.

Direct connection/Public network VPN access

The VPC provides public network or direct connection-based private network access influx; through which you can interconnect Tencent Cloud to other computing resources to build hybrid clouds.