CDN Origin Servers Only
Faster Global Speeds
800+ nodes in Mainland China
  • Over 800 nodes around Mainland China, covering both major network operators (CMCC, China Unicom and China Telecom) and dozens of medium- and small-scale operators, providing 70T+ in storage.
100+ international nodes
  • Over 100 nodes around the world covering more than 30 countries and regions, giving your business an international boost.

Users suffer from the limitations of their location and network operator. Different regions and countries may have slow access speeds.

Intelligent Distribution
Real time monitoring
  • Use regular access monitoring files from monitor points around Mainland China to monitor and analyze CDN access from different regions and network operators.
Proprietary Scheduling System
  • The proprietary GSLB distribution system uses real-time monitoring data to accurately send user requests to the best node.

Transmits data between networks via traditional routing algorithms.

All-round Protection
Encrypted data transfer
  • Support HTTPS encrypted data transfer to protect your data and prevent content hijacking.
Repel attacks and hijacking
  • The Dayu distributed protection system defends against DDoS attacks. Solutions for domain name hijacking (including HTTPDNS, dedicated IP addresses, etc.) are provided.

The complicated network environment means the server is vulnerable to attacks, domain name hijacking and content hijacking.

Easy to Use
Seamless integration
  • After adding your domain, you just need to go to your domain name provider to add a CNAME record. The connection will be made and you don't need to make any adjustments on your own server.
Clear operational information
  • Receive real-time feedback on access, consumption and popular resources. The service can be managed in a number of ways, with dozens of custom configurations and API access supported.

Need R&D resources or 3rd party ISP to complete user analysis.



HTTPS Support

Free certificates and easy installation

Apply for a free Tencent Cloud certificate or purchase Symantec and GeoTrust certificates, deploy them to the CDN easily for HTTPS access.

HTTP2.0 is being trialed

HTTP2.0 features are being trialed at the moment. Stay tuned for more!

Cache Configuration
Access Control
Statistics and Analysis


CDN servicesare currently charged by the day. That means the day’s usage will be billed the following day. You can choose to be billedas per thepeak bandwidth or total traffic.