Product Overview

Advantages Cloud Virtual Machine Traditional Server
High stability and availability

99.95% service availability, and 99.999% data reliability.

Weak system

Users manually conduct disaster recovery, which relies on hardware robustness.

Flexible configuration and adjustment

Adjust bandwidth and configurations flexibly as required.

Difficulties in Ops

Fixed machine configuration cannot be adjusted according to requirements.

Ease of use
Available upon purchase, fast deployment

Purchase CVMs with one click; rich imaging functions, application software, and Ops tools are provided.

Complicated process and lots efforts

Devices need to be purchased and managed. Users need to expand the hardware by themselves.

Reliable storage, data guarantee

The professional storage technology guarantees data security and multiple real-time copies ensure data reliability.

Data loss

Data is physically stored in single points and data security is uncontrollable.

Low cost, purchase on demand

Supports annual/monthly package or bill-by-traffic, to adapt to different application scenarios.

7x24 free professional Ops support is provided.

High cost

The rental fee is high and the Ops cost is high.

All-around protection, professional support

Multiple types of professional protection including DDoS protection, intrusion detection, and vulnerability scanning are provided.

Hacker intrusion

Need to buy extra security protection services.


Product Functions

Wide-spread data centers

Tencent Cloud data centers are spread around the world, covering Southern China, Eastern China, Northern China, Hong Kong and North America. These data centers can meet any global service requirements that users may have.

A variety of model configurations

The following CVM models are available:

Standard High I/O Memory
Disk Local disk/Cloud disk SSD disk Local disk/Cloud disk
Application scenario Applicable to medium- and small-sized Web applications and databases. Applicable to I/O intensive applications with low delay. Applicable to applications that need considerable memory operations, search, and computing.


CVMs support annual/monthly fee and pay-by-traffic to meet service requirements of different users.