Product Advantages

Advantage Cloud Object Storage Traditional Hard Disk Storage
Stable, persistent, and trust-worthy data

Stores data across multiple infrastructures and devices in a redundant manner; supports remote disaster recovery and user resource isolation, implementing 99.999999% durability for objects.

Weak system

It is difficult to implement data storage in multiple copies in multiple regions. System stability completely relies on hardware.

Comprehensive protection, authority-based management

Provides anti-leeching function to block malicious accesses; provides DDoS and CC protection to filter attacking data packets; provides a multi-level permission management system to ensure that data is under overall protection

Complex protection

Building up security takes a long time, and investments are costly; plus, vulnerabilities and risks will still exist.

Smart scheduling, reliable access

Supports incremental uploading to optimize efficiency. While uploading, COS chooses the best path from out of over 70 nodes, with a connection success rate of 99.9%. While downloading, with CDN enabled, COS can help decrease delay and increase efficiency.

Unreliable access

Inadequate bandwidth creation. Access quality cannot be guaranteed during data upload/download.

Pay-by-usage, auto expansion

No costs for purchase, deployment and ops; pay according to your actual usage without minimum cost; expand any time as required

High cost

Deployment in early phase, capacity expansion, and maintenance in later phases are costly.

Easy to use
Convenient access, one-click migration

Provides a detailed RESTful API access description, rich SDK access tools, and seamless migration tool to help you migrate services to the cloud quickly

Complex deployment

Successful access can be achieved only under guidance of professional personnel.

Variety of functions, diversified handling methods

COS provides rich plug-ins to implement CDN acceleration, photo processing, audio/video processing, file preview and format changing.

Function loss

Professional enterprise software needs to be purchased.


Function Description

Flexible Management
  • Multiple access modes

    COS provides standard RESTful APIs, helping you to implement features like uploading, downloading, query and deleting. In addition, SDK in multiple coding languages are provided, allowing for easy re-development without complicated access. You can also manage and monitor data easily with the Web console
  • High-speed uploading and stable downloading

    COS provides you with over 70 uploading nodes. While you're uploading data, COS will select the best path with a connection rate of 99.9%. While you're downloading data, together with CDN, COS can send source site content to the nodes nearest to the edge of the terminal, so as to increase connection success rate and decrease access delay
  • Powerful data management capability

    COS provides many uploading and downloading features, including batch uploading (to shorten queue time), resumable data transfer/downloading (to solve the issue of uploading/downloading large files under unstable networks); fragment uploading (to separate large files into fragments and upload, so as to increase transfer success rate). COS supports a single upload of 50G and storage of 50T
Powerful Security Capability
  • Flawless permission system

    COS provides a cooperator mechanism and a resource permission system, allowing you to assign detailed permissions to each role of the team
  • Anti-leeching mechanism

    COS provides anti-leeching configuration functions for buckets, and supports blacklist/whitelist. It uses the Referer field in the HTTP header to effectively restrict access sources and mask malicious access, in an effort to ensure normal service operations.
  • Multiple attack prevention methods

    COS is used in collaboration with CDN to effectively defend against DDoS and CC attacks; and to filter out malicious attack data packets, returning traffic to normal.
Expandable and Distributed Structure
  • Simultaneous backup to multiple data centers in different regions

    Every piece of data has 3 copies made to ensure security; 99.95% service availability, and 99.999999% data reliability. Multiple regions are available to provide remote disaster recovery and resource isolation, thereby ensuring high availability and automatic disaster recovery of services.
  • Pay-by-traffic

    Traffic uploading is free of charge and the minimum fee is RMB 0. 50GB storage space, 10G IDC traffic, and 10G CDN retrieval traffic are offered free of charge, and the storage space out of the preceding is charged at a price as low as RMB 0.154/GB/month.
  • Flexible expansion

    The capacity of COS storage CVM is as high as 500PB+ and the mass distributed architecture supports automatic expansion indefinitely. Users can focus on their services and business, without having to worry about increases in usage.
Open Function Access
  • Smooth CDN acceleration

    COS distributes content of source sites to the nodes nearest to users so that users can obtain required content nearby; thereby improving user access response speed and success rate. More than 400 nodes are distributed globally, with 20T+ bandwidth to achieve top-notch acceleration capabilities, surpassing similar products by 30%.
  • Persistent audio and video processing

    COS supports customization of mobile applications using UGC small and short videos. Only the SDK needs to be integrated to rapidly access and control video uploading, transcoding, storage, review, and play.
  • PS-level picture processing

    COS provides mobile developers with highly reliable picture storage services, picture uploading and downloading at high speeds with high success rates, diversified and flexible picture processing and processing of customized images.
  • File preview and format conversion

    COS supports file preview and compressed package list preview, and provides preview of multiple types of files, including .doc(x), .ppt, .xls, .rtf, .pdf, .txt files, and preview of file lists in compressed packages such as .7z, .rar, and .zip packages. It also provides pre-transcoding and real-time transcoding.


COS is a post-paid product; bills of the previous month are generated and settled on the 3rd-5th day of the following month. All users are granted 50 GB free storage space, 10G free IDC traffic, 10G free CDN retrieval traffic, 1 million PUT request count, and 1 million GET request count. Any space and traffic that goes beyond the above are charged on a usage amount basis, and are accumulated in a ladder fashion.