Product Advantages

Advantages CCS User-Built CCS
Simple to Use
Simplified cluster management
  • Tencent CCS provides ultra largescale container cluster management, resource scheduling, container orchestration and code construction features. It blocks the differences in underlying infrastructures and simplifies management and OPS processes for distributed applications. You don't need to use cluster management software or design fault-tolerant cluster architectures any longer, thus avoiding any relevant management or expansion work.
  • All you need to do is launch the container cluster and specify the tasks to be executed. Tencent CCS will then help you complete all cluster management tasks, enabling you to concentrate on developing Dockerized applications.

When using user-built container management infrastructure, you usually need to go through complex management processes, such as installing, operating and expanding your own cluster management software, configuring management systems and monitoring solutions.

Flexible Expansion
Flexible cluster hosting and integrated load balance
  • You can use CCS to schedule long-running applications and batch tasks in a flexible manner. You can also use APIs to obtain latest information about cluster status to integrate your own customized and third-party scheduling applications.
  • Tencent CCS is integrated with load balancers. Traffic allocation among multiple containers is supported. You can simply specify container configuration and load balancers you wish to use, then the CCS management application will automatically add/delete containers for you. In addition, Tencent CCS is able to auto-recover containers in poor operation status to ensure that the number of containers meets your needs, providing sufficient support for applications.

You need to determine how to manually deploy CCS according to business traffic and health status, which has poor availability and scalability.

Secure and Reliable
Highly isolated resources and highly available services
  • CCS launches inside your own CVM instance without sharing computing resources with other customers.
  • Your clusters run inside VPCs, so you can use your own security groups and network ACL. These features provide high isolation level and can help you use CVMs to create applications with high security and reliability.
  • CCS uses a distributed service architecture to ensure auto failure recovery and fast migration for services, while using with distributed storage of the stateful service backend, provides security and high availability for services and data.

Due to kernel issues and incomplete Namespace of user-built CCS, isolation for tenants, devices and kernel modules are rather poor.

High Efficiency
Quickly deployed images and continuously integrated businesses
  • Tencent CCS runs in your VPCs where high-quality BGP network ensures ultra-fast upload/download speed for images and allows massive containers to launch within seconds, greatly reducing operation costs and helping your deployment focus more on business operation.
  • You can deploy businesses on Tencent CCS. After developers submit code on github or other code platforms, the CCS will immediately create, test, package, integrate the code and put it into pre-release environment and existing network environment.

The efficiency for using images to create containers is not guaranteed as the network quality of user-built CCS cannot be guaranteed.

Low Cost
CCS is free of charge

There are no extra fees for using Tencent CCS, and you can call APIs to construct your cluster management applications in containers for free. You will be only billed for the created Tencent Cloud service resources that are used to store and run applications, such as CVMs and Cloud Disk.

You need to make investment to create, install, operate, maintain and expand your own cluster management infrastructure which will cost a lot.


Product Features

Cluster Management

Tencent CCS allows you to manage your container clusters easily and efficiently in a secure and reliable manner to seamlessly connect to Tencent Cloud's computing, storage and network capabilities.

Cluster Composition

  • All models currently available in Tencent Cloud that support Cloud Disk are supported, helping you build clusters flexibly;
  • User-exclusive container clusters and cross-availability zone deployment among cluster VPCs ensure that your clusters are always secure and reliable;
  • Billing mode is flexible. Pay per use mode is currently supported, and prepaid mode will become available soon.

Cluster Management

  • Dynamic cluster scaling and node upgrading/degrading is supported;
  • Cross-availability zone management and deployment for nodes in clusters and cross-availability zone scheduling for containers in services is supported;
  • A wide range of monitoring metrics for nodes in the cluster are provided. Cluster alarm policy can be customized.
Service Management
Image Management