Product Advantages

Advantages Description

Allowing others to access your Tencent Cloud account

You can grant permissions to other people, allowing them to manage and use the resources in your Tencent Cloud account without having to share your account name and password.

Refined permission management

For different resources, you can grant different permissions to different people. For example, you can allow certain users to fully use CVM (such as creating and deleting CVMs); you can also allow certain users to only read the CVM lists.

Free to use

The user and permission management feature is provided by your Tencent Cloud account and is free of charge. If the sub-users you create by using this feature use other Tencent Cloud services, you will be charged according to the billing standards for those services.


Product Features

Creating Sub-Users

Sub-accounts can be created using Chinese characters (such as Chinese names). You can log in to the sub-accounts using your registered Tencent Cloud ID or QQ account.

Creating and Managing User Groups
Multiple Approaches to Configure Policies

Application Scenarios


Enterprise (Organization) Personnel Management:

Managing users and their access permissions – With CAM, you can create users and assign them individual security credentials (such as access keys, passwords and multi-factor authentication devices), or require temporary security credentials to allow users to access Tencent Cloud services and resources. You can manage various permissions in order to control which operations are available to the users.

A CAM user can be the following:

  • A privileged administrator who requires permissions to access the console in order to manage your Tencent Cloud resources.
  • An end user who needs to access the content in Tencent Cloud.
  • A system which requires permissions to programmatically access your Tencent Cloud data.
Security Configuration