Product Overview

Advantages With AS Without AS
No manual operations required

Auto-create and release CVM instances; auto-configure CLB

Tedious manual operations

Resources need to be created and terminated manually, and load balance needs to be configured manually.

No resources wasted

Dynamically create and terminate sub-machines in real time according to loads and policies; supports billing that's accurate to the second

Lots of waste caused by idle resources

Need to enable extra CVMs for backup

Error tolerance
Quick response

When an exception occurs, an auto-duplicate of a normal instance will instantly replace the abnormal one

Slow response

Abnormal instances are handled after service interruption is identified, affecting service availability.

Handles common fluctuations smoothly.

Supports time scaling, alarm scaling, APIs and consoles; and relies on resource estimation to an extent.

Handling fluctuations smoothly is difficult.

Resources need to be estimated manually, and instances need to be manually added/removed afterwards.


Function Description

Time scaling

Add/Remove CVM instantly or periodically

Load-based intelligent scaling

Automatically Add/Remove CVM instances based on cloud monitoring indicators (such as CPU, memory, and network traffic)

Auto registration to CLB whitelist

Auto register new CVMs to CLB, allowing for smooth auto-expansion and shrinkage

Replace failed CVMs

Replace CVMs that cannot be pinged with normal CVMs



The Auto Scaling function is free of charge.
CVM instances that are auto-created through AS or manually added are charged the same as pay-by-traffic CVMs.