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Laser Check Printing in US

Majority of American adults across all demographic groups believe that consumers should not be forced to receive information in an electronic format. Specifically, 73% of respondents say it is wrong to expect anyone to go online to interact with government agencies.

Americans with Internet access of all ages and ethnicities believe the government should take action to prevent shifts to electronic formats of payments and allow  laser  check printing to avoid disadvantaged. 85% say that decisions to remove paper-based options for government information should be subject to congressional oversight.

72% of Americans believe that under no circumstances should government agencies be allowed to force people to change from paper to electronic format for receiving documents that require action.

laser check printing69% say that government agencies should not be allowed to force people to change from paper to electronic for receiving documents that do not require action.

78% say that government agencies should not be allowed to charge for information in paper format.

The Envelope Manufacturers Association (EMA) Foundation recently funded a large nationwide survey of over 3,000 adults studying the preferences of adult Americans regarding paper-format bills, statements and related documents.  The result shows the following:

•    Nearly 73% of adults aged 65 and over still prefer paper format / delivery for some or all of their bills and statements.
•    73% of seniors believe it is wrong to make anybody, regardless of situation, to go online in order to receive or pay bills.
•    87% of seniors responded that “a paper check in the mail should always be accepted without any fee or penalty, even if other forms of payment are available.”

Laser Check Printing and Environment

•    When asked if Consumers should be forced to shift from paper-format to electronic-format bills, statements and related documents in order to better protect the environment, 73% of young American adults responded “NO.” This is the majority of the population and they think that laser check printing using blank secure laser checks does not hurt the environment.
•    81% of the younger Americans agree that “The main reason companies want to shift customers to electronic delivery formats is to save money, NOT to be environmentally responsible.”
•    When asked “Do you think it is appropriate for companies to cite environmentalism when it is not their real motive?”
– 73% of adults, ages 18-24, say “no.”

The full report about  Consumer Preference For Paper can be found at It was prepared by Cheryl Chapman and Susan LaChance

The paper is here to stay for multiple reasons. Some of them are mentioned above.

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